Personalized Classes
per video conference

Guiding guitarists in their development, regardless of their level or goals,
has always been a delight for me.

I am excited to share what I was able to master and make my own in musical performance throughout my career. It has never mattered to me if the interested person is at a high technical level on their instrument or if they have great ambitions of becoming the best guitarist of their generation. For me it is only crucial that my students have discovered a true passion for music and are eager to learn more in order to achieve personal aims.

I live in Granada, Spain, but most of my students are spread all around the world. Regardless of where you are, we can work together either in person or via video conference.

Live lessons in German, Spanish or English.


We work together on pieces of your choice.


Regular lessons, also for hobby musicians.


Video conferencing via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Meet or other programs, by request.


Our first meeting is free of charge.

Classical guitar lessons from my home to yours