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The press acclaims his performance

"... thus was presented the complete spectrum of classical performance on the guitar. The young artist offers homogeneous and masterful interpretations." (Süddeutsche Zeitung).

"Above the limits, refined and highly virtuoso." (Bonner Rundschau).

"... Ricardo Havenstein of which his young life and veteran adulthood, make him a viruoso of the guitar, of fine sensibility and remarkable talent... proves to have one of the most perfect techniques of his generation. A mature sound, sumptuous colour which is out of the ordinary. His fingering is amazing. He possesses intense motivation, firmness, security and that special relief which the guitar is so hungry for... the argentine music has a high ranking ambassador in this interpreter and transcriber; a respectful lover of bachian art." (Revista Clásica).

Ricardo Havenstein :: e-mail: havenstein@gmail.com